Field Notes / Lab

Experiments, research, collaborations, notes

Why This Word is Here

29.11.2023 (FI) VR workshop

Tangible Images

30.10.2023 (PT) Artist-in-Residence, Zaratan

In Abundance

2.2.2023 (DE) Performance & research

Utopia as a workplace

18.6.2022 (AT/FI) Artistic research reflections

Awakening nature and stretching humans

29.4.2022 (FI) Artist-in-Residence, Mustarinda

Libertalia - Born By the River

18.7.2021 (UK) Interdisciplinary performance lab

It's on its way” – Body Poetry

16.5.2021 (FI) Digital Literature Hackathon

E-textile Lab - Things We Did

1.3.2021 (AT) Fabrics, sensors and machine learning


16.9.2020 (AT) Artistic research with 3D video game

E-textile Lab - Awoken Touch

2.7.2020 (AT) Workshop with haptics

Art, online communities and activism

5.6.2020 (AT) AMRO20 festival notes

Hidden spots - video art, pirates, networks

3.2.2020 (DE) Transmediale 2020 notes

Ori3ntatioX Making-Of

31.1.2020 (AT) Self-built instrument

VR in community museum

6.6.2019 (NL) Project at Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Hack Our Heritage

26.2.2016 (FI) Hack Your Heritage Hackathon

Photography, sharing and a road trip

11.4.2014 (IS) Artist-in-Residence, Reykjavík

A Pinhole Room

12.3.2012 (AT) Camera Obscura testing