Hack Our Heritage - Hack Your Heritage


Usually cultural data is not open and free to use. What if it would be? We were exploring the possibilities with other makers and artists in Hackathon Helsinki 5.–7.2.2016.

Nowadays it's easy to use images and other content if it's in free public use or not. It is also interesting to see the possible uses of the meta data with the artwork.

Actually this is just a modern way to continue the tradition of montages and the circulation of visuals.

3D-printed statistics and FabLab

During the intensive weekend was presented all together 20 projects, which made use of open interfaces and cultural heritage. We saw example game using museum collections, audio mixed with open maps and a twisted way to use Periscope with old videos from archive against the typical instant sharing.

In Aalto University's FabLab - media laboratory was boiled up a mix of data, 3D printing, vinyl laser cut and experiments.

"FabLab" means: an open-access digital fabrication laboratory.