A very high steam from the geysir in rural area.

A photo retreat in Reykjavík


What you get when you put together 12 young photographers for two weeks? A lot of fun and experimenting at least! I participated a retreat for international photographers in Reykjavík, Iceland on March 2014.

Two images from the same street where people are passing by.
The start of my explorations on the streets of Reykjavík

We were living together in an old house four kilometers from the centre of Reykjavík, within the Botanical Garden. The purpose of the retreat was to collaborate with new photographers, make own project in two weeks and have a group exhibition in the end.

Two persons standing side by side in front of images.
Exhibition planning with Jeff

The theme of the exhibition was "Motion", which was presented in many different aspects and interpretations in mental and physical level.

Me in the middle of strong steam.
Visiting geysirs

During our stay we had also some other activities in Iceland. We had a crazy road trip on icy roads, visited Vík and some geysers. On the other day we were whale watching and succeeded to see the king, a humpback whale.

A car in the middle of nowhere, two persons inside fake-screaming.
Lost in Vík

Two persons walking towards abandoned airplane on desert.
U.S. navy plane from 1973 in the middle of nowhere. (You'll need N/E coordinates to find it.)

A tale of a whale on the sea.
A very rare meeting with Humpback whale

During the stay I realised the project Rendezvous (2014).