Utopia as a workplace


Utopia is a view that shines through a crack on the wall of reality.

There has to be a place where you don't have to constantly use different gestures to fit in the current materiality and expectations. There must be a place where one could get to know oneself before everyone else projected the picture on the formation.

Utopia is a place for what-if questions, for reflection, for those thoughts that don't quite fit anywhere. Utopia is not repetitive as such, but endlessly morphing, a soft platform on which to shake off settled dust for a while.

Utopia is often described as an island, separate from the rest of the universe. As a working tool, it is rather a way of looking at the current order and culture, invisible structures, which we maintain together in a lack of imagination. Often clinging to materiality and spatiality only causes new dead ends, so it is better to stick to experiences.

The current system easily guides us to think about possibilities through very material objects, in which case we only repeat the current situation in a slightly different form. Instead of a physical island, I often try to seek a dreamlike state of mind where everyone would have found their place without changing anything essential in themselves.

Challenging the details often forces you into unpleasant muscle contractions, sometimes from a clear awareness of the current situation, sometimes from the unpleasantness of your own attitudes, sometimes from the excitement of possibilities.

When we built a vision of utopia together, many wishes were common, almost self-evident. Diving deeper, it was impossible to find a common utopia where everyone would like to float. Some wished people had a tail, others coalesced with plants.

Temporal and spatial thoughts follow immediately. I'm trying to limit it. No dice. Language happens in space.

Apart from the new constructions, the most interesting are the questions created based on them. How far are you ready to push your safe platform?

Walking in utopia, it is impossible to focus on one thing, everything is connected to everything. Making art becomes a constant game of chess.

There is no perfect world without us changing some core attitudes and habitual convenience. But conveniences or just habbits? But the change of human, but from where? A bit of rib? That balance-enhancing tail? The inability to hate, therefore the inability to notice injustice? Some of the muscles go into a cramp. Humanity is too limited, defined.

I have tried to approach non-place, goodness, pleasure, and humanity from many different directions, looking, wandering, stumbling, saying too much and forgetting. Everything is about adapting and getting used to, about the environment and surviving with others.

Utopia must be considered a workplace with arrival and departure, not so much an escape, but a search for a broader perspective.

While doing e.g.:

2022 artistic research to examine an interface where species, plants and machines meet, how humanity is developed in interactions, supported by the Kone Foundation.

2022 To Imagine Their Outlines, an exhibition based on artistic research as a part Institute of Coexistence, where new forms of coexistence were examined. WAMx, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku (FI) Curated by Mikkel Elming (DK), framework by Gry Worre Hallberg (DK)

2021 Degrowth Day 3021 as part of the Sonic Utopias podcast series, movement_athens (GR) Directed by Daphne Xanthopoulou (GR), Inspired by Sam Bunn (UK) artists' Utopia workshop, implementation together with 10 media artists (US, IT, FI, CO, RU, ES, AT/VN)

Sedate dimmed space with abstract video projection, plants in water and warm, mystic lights.
To Imagine Their Outlines exhibition in WAMx 2022